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Matchbox 4-Level Garage Play Set Review

Matchbox 4-Level Garage Play Set Review – Time to get your child’s motor running with the Matchbox 4-Level Garage Play Set. Tell them to get their toy cars out and get ready to experience something new. This play set takes “playing with cars” to a whole new level…4 new levels to be exact!

matchbox 4-level garage play setThe real, working elevator brings your vehicle to every level including the very top. You can decide where they get off. From the top level, you can rip through the winding track as you go through the car wash.

Take a moment to stop and bathe your cars, especially if you’ve been racing on some dirty terrain. After your premium wash, continue down the ramp until you reach the Matchbox 4-Level Garage Play Set service station.

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Here, you can give your car a tune up or oil change. You can also take a broken down car here for a new engine. The imaginative situations are endless at the repair shop! Finally, give your car some gas at the station before it’s on the road again.

Matchbox 4-Level Garage

At the bottom level, there are gates to let your vehicle exit and be on their way. You could even charge a fee as they exit!

What sets this play set apart from the rest is the sheer amount of fun you can have. The four different levels have much to offer over your single-level racetrack sets. If you want to get the most out of your money this holiday season, this playset is a great way to go!

matchbox cars

The Matchbox 4-Level Garage Play Set works with all other Matchbox and Hotwheels play sets. Connect this one to others to expand your playtime and imagination!

Ready to play straight from the box, the Matchbox 4-Level Garage Play Set comes with one tow truck to get you started. Of course, the play set works with your child’s other small cars, including Matchbox and Hotwheels.

Matchbox 4-Level Garage Play Set Review

There is some assembly required for the Matchbox 4-Level Garage Play Set. It’s durable and well put together, as reviewers have claimed their children drop it off a coffee table and it doesn’t break apart. This is a huge perk for parents, especially those that don’t like re-assembling toys multiple times every day!


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