Hottest Toys for Christmas 2018: Top Christmas Toys 2018-2019

Hottest Toys for Christmas 2018 is here! If you’re looking for the top Christmas toys 2018 for boys & girls, we have list of the best trending toys for this Holiday season.

Hottest Toys for Christmas 2018

Hottest Toys for Christmas 2018 – Get Some Santa points This Year with Our List of the Hottest Christmas Toys 2018

Christmas comes and goes, but the thoughtful presents you give can last a lifetime. Mainly for the little ones, you want the Christmas toys you buy them to possibly see them through a better part of the following year. That means getting them not only thoughtful presents but toys that they will want to use regularly.

Shopping for kids is a mean feat, but with our list of the hottest toys for Christmas 2018 we have you covered.

Storytime Rhymes Sheep

Storytime Rhymes Sheep - Hottest Toys for Christmas 2018

Kids can never have enough of snuggly toys, and the Storytime Rhymes Sheep is what little one for a restful night. Accompanied by four sung songs, 45+ melodies, and four stories, your young one will appreciate the addition to their pre-sleep routine.

Parents can use the included timer to set playtimes and soothing modes for 15 to 30 minutes. Your young one can follow the stories and sing along to the rhymes with the help of the included rhymes board book.

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Magical Oven

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Magical Oven - Hottest Toys for Christmas 2018

The play-doh Kitchen Creations Magical Oven is what that young budding chef needs in their life. Your little one can load up the oven with pretend food press the lever to cook up different make belief culinary creations. Some of the stuff your kid can whip up include crazy cakes, muffins, and play pizza.

The oven comes complete with indicator lights and a ding sound when “baking” is complete. Included in the set is an oven, three cutters, six cans of modeling compound, five pretend food, a roller, spoon, plate, knife, fork, and a creation card.

BatBot Xtreme

BatBot Xtreme

Kids believe in superheroes, and they make it to the list of most appreciated Christmas gifts for kids. The BatBox Xtreme standing at 2ft-tall features wings, a motorcycle punching fists, a voice changer, and projectile launchers.

The power pad found on BatBox’s right shoulder activates the battle mode with extended fists and wings. Get out of the way when you squeeze the triggers because BatBix starts some super punching action. Best yet, the battle mode also allows kids to use the voice changer with some incredible effects.

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Season 2 – 4 Pack + Bonus

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Season 2 - 4 Pack + Bonus

Kids who already have the first Hatchimals set will love to get their hands on the CollEGGitibles Season 2. Your little one gets four of the tiny, colorful, and adorable pets with this set. To hatch the eggs, warm them up until they turn pink from their original purple color. Save the bottom of the shell after cracking it because it functions as a hangout spot for the adorable little pet.

Also included is an out-of-egg collEGGtible making it a total of five cute pets for your young one. The set also features a collector ma and instructions.

HypnoGizmo – Make Your Own Fidget Toy

HypnoGizmo - Make Your Own Fidget Toy

The best Christmas toys are those that allow your child to build creations. The HynoGizmo fidget activity kit enables your young one to exercise their brain by coming up with eye-entrancing contraptions.

Kids will appreciate the ability to build, string, and spin their HypnoGizmo creations. You can display your child’s creations using the desktop stand included.

Enchantimals Panda Tree House Playset

Enchantimals Panda Tree House Playset

The animal lover will fall in love with the Enchantimals panda multi-level playhouse set. Your child gets an exclusive pure panda and a Nari figure. The multiple play spaces, nature-inspired details, and bright colors contribute to the fun of storytelling.

Also included is a kitchen complete with seating and a table as well as food for the two Enchantimal friends. A bathroom with two toilets and sinks and a movable staircase also come with the set.

KD Kids Balloon Bot Battle Family Game

KD Kids Balloon Bot Battle Family Game

Encourage your child to take part in some simple boxing action with the help of the KD Kids Balloon Bot Battle Family Game. As implied, this is one of those Christmas toys that the whole family will enjoy. The bots come with kid-safe abrasive gloves that are smooth to the touch but can scratch and pop balloons.

Your child can customize the Balloon Bot using stickers or markers for added fun. Record the battle action on your smart device to replay the endless hours of fun.

Light-up Terrarium Kit for Kids with LED

Light-up Terrarium Kit for Kids with LED

The curious nature lover will appreciate the Light-up Terrarium kids kit. Your child can create their personalized beautiful miniature garden and watch it grow by the day. Watch the terrarium transform into a magical spectacle at night with the help of the included innovative LED light.

Included in the set are a 4″ by 6″ terrarium jar with a light-up lid, charging USB cable, and an instructions booklet.

Ultra Dash

Ultra Dash

Get your kid moving with the help of the fun Ultra Dash. Your child runs when prompted by the flashing colors, and they can create their own targets design. The Ultra Dash features three game modes to choose from activated by the tagger with the aim to beat the clock, relay race, or target tally.

Your child races to the color target corresponding to what the tagger flashes. They will then “tag” it, and the tagger will detect the targets and score the little player on accuracy. The game uses all visual and sound cues.

LEGO Make Your Own Movie

LEGO Make Your Own Movie

Let your young one get a head start in joining the movie industry with the help of the LEGO Make Your Own Movie Kit.  Your child can create stop-motion animations on tablets and smartphones using the LEGO app.

Impressively, your young one can come up with a mini-movie in just under an hour. An 80-page instructions book comes with the kit.

K’NEX Web Weaver Roller Coaster Thrill Rides Set

K'NEX Web Weaver Roller Coaster Thrill Rides Set

Maybe you have not been able to head on down to Disneyland, but you can gift your little one the next best thing – their personal thrill ride. The K’NEX Building Roller Coaster set comes with more than 430 pieces and parts. The track glows in darkness, and the set comes with an air-powered and motorized coaster car.

Your child can build the set using the easy-to-follow instructions. A parts guarantee is included to replace missing and broken parts.

Dynasty Toys Capture The Flag Laser Tag Set

Dynasty Toys Capture The Flag Laser Tag Set

Every child enjoys a good game of laser tag, and you can bring the game at home with the Dynasty Toys Laser Tag set. Included are two Dynasty Laser Tag Blasters, two team flags, and four team base lights.

The child-safe certified toy features added durability and come in new colors with 100% interchangeable blasters. The set is also compatible with all other Dynasty Laser Tag toys which can help your child expand their existing collection.

With these twelve selections of the hottest Christmas toys 2017-2018, you are sure to put some smiles on faces this Christmas. Remember to revisit the list not befitting gifts for kids for all occasions.

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